Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sorry for the lack of Posts

Hey, it's blog Moderator here, crayfish Tickler. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, me and my hamster are on vacation since the 13th and we are going to be gone for probably like a week. I will still continue to look at your blogs and see whats up with you on a friendly basis, but Maybe not every day maybe like every other day. Unfortunately, I cannot post new blogs though because I don't have all my supplies as I will have to use my mom or my boyfriend's computer to post updates and all my pics and resources are at home.
The good news is that I updated my other blog today, and it's a pretty good post.

Good Luck and Safe Browsing!


  1. No worries, take some time off and tickle those crayfish!

  2. Will be looking forward to newer posts c: take care.

  3. no problem with me :] just keep us up to date! ;D

  4. Thanks for info! Checking it now ;)


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