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How to make money using SUPERPOINTS NETWORK is a referral based advertising network on the internet that is rapidly growing in popularity. The main idea behind this website is that you will join, get your friends to join as well, and you as the referrer will not only be having your own chances to make points on the system, you will also be making points equivalent to the points made by your friends. Instead of a normal blog post, I am going to do a little FAQ about using this system that I hope will answer most of your questions about it.
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What is superpoints?
Superpoints is a website that pays you to complete offers sponsored by their advertisers. The reward each user receives are called "superpoints" which translate to 0.01 per each point. For example, 250 superpoints will make you $2.50 in paypal money or amazon gift card cash.

What kind of things do you do to earn points?
There are plenty of options here. The most popular choice will be clicking on the Super Lucky Button. New users get 30 spins per day. With just a few referrals, you can increase the amount to 50 and with 5 refferals you can get 100 spins per day (100 chances to get extra points). Another option is filling out surveys, watching sponsored videos, and completing offers (signing up for things like netflix,, etc.). You can also refer friends to make points. Also, they will send you points and surveys every day through email (usually a good amount 10pts or so)

How does the superlucky button work?
You click on it 30-100 times a day depending on your member status, and each time you win you have the chance to earn 1 pt, 2 pts, 5pts, 10pts, 15, or 25 pts this way. I think you can even get 100. The higher the point value, the least likely you are to win this amount.  When your referrals spin the wheel and win, you get the same amount of points that they did. That's why it's so important to refer friends, because thats free money without having to do any work!!!
What the button looks like
after clicking
How do I recieve my money?
There are a variety of prizes that you can redeem for points on superpoints. The most valuable prize in my opinion being paypal cash. The paypal rewards start at $5.00 (500 pts) and they also have $10.00 and $25.00 cash payouts. You can get amazon gift cards, homedepot, bestbuy, starbucks, and dominos gift cards too. There are prizes for different ipods, but I reccomend going for the amazon giftcard because you can buy one off there for cheaper than the reward is worth.
a copy of my payment reciept, thanks superpoints!!!
What kind of offers can I look forward to?
There are many different offers on here that you can sign up for to get superpoints. The best ones to do are the netflix one, freecreditreport, and any other offers that give you points for free. There are some offers on here that charge for a service as well as rewarding you with points. Some are worth it because the points outweigh the price for the service, but I consider that too much of a hassle and don't really bother with them. The most points i've gotten for an offer was from netflix for 1700 points to sign up (which is free). Look around to see which ones are best for you. There is a new one for Equifax that rewards 840 pts for a 30 day trial (you must remember to cancel before 30 days, thats $8.40)
Signing up for Netflix...Easy as Pie!
How many points have you earned/what is your opinion?
I have earned 2770 pts so far, and I'm about to earn 800 more just for signing up with (a 30 day trial) When you do these trial offers, it is best to wait about 3 to 4 days before cancelling your membership. The only downside to this is that you will need to be adamant to remind yourself to cancel before the 30 days is over. I have earned 390 pts from my referrals, even though I only have 5 friends. If I took the time to refer more friends I would be making a lot more. I have one cashout of 25 through paypal. This is a great outcome because I'm barely on superpoints, and only do the superlucky button clicks maybe twice a week (x50).
My opinion is that superpoints is the best site out of these type of sites because the payout is the highest that I've seen and you get a lot of points from referrals alone. Imagine how much you could make if you were actively referring people and clicking your emails and superpoint button everyday? The top guy on this site has made this many points thus far:
Mini_thumb_aaronsuperpoints_thumb  #1 Aaron H.  3,625 Friends  Green_sp_small300,359 pts.

You need a referral to sign up for this site, so here is my link( ). I would appreciate it if you sign up using it, and we can stay in touch via email or aim or whatever if you want to leave a comment with your information, or send it to me personally at 
I have one really good referral that I have no way of contacting him to thank him for his hard work, so it really sucks...


  1. It is alot more work than I initially thought
    mainly because my internet connection is shit and it takes a fucking hour between spins..

    1. true, if you do not open multiple browsers it can be a hassle

  2. Nice,didn't know about this site

  3. Looks too absorbing to spend time with it.

  4. wanted to try this, turns out my country isnt supported :/

  5. Very in-depth, nice post. Pyramid strategies always worry me though, but I suppose if you put in the hard work it can pay off, just like anything else.

  6. Looks like another oppurtunity to get some extra cash. Wondering if they actually pay ;)

    1. Yes, they do actually pay. I have recieved 25 from them before! The paypal reciept is pictured above, just click on the image to see for yourself!


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