Sunday, March 25, 2012

CHEAT of the Week: A Very Good Option for an Mturk Task

This is a very easy task to begin with, but because I'm so nice I have provided you with all of the answers so that you can get through this task as quickly as possible and make the most amount of money in the shortest time. Okay, so let me explain the task first. If I was you, I would capitalize on this offer because, although there are 15000 HITs left as of today (march 25, 2012), they will not last forever. I would give it another 3 weeks-a month until this task is gone for good.

Alright, so the idea is that the requester (crowdsource) wants you to give the link to a page that is, in your opinion, the best search result on google for a given query. So what you will do is take the query (or question in other terms) and enter it into google search in a different window/tab. Then you will click the link and enter the URL (the text in your browser window, for example


So the "cheat" for this task, so to speak, will be that you can copy the answers down onto your NOTEPAD software, so that if multiple requests come up with the same query, you will already have the answer! Here is an example:

trivedi foundation blog
This is a spectacular idea, and...

So here is the link to the task, if this link doesn't work, search mturk for crowdsource and look for a HIT with a title along the lines of 

Give your Opinion-Simple and quick (US)

EDIT: I have decided to post all of the answers for you. SO instead of having to do it all yourself in notepad, here is a text file that has all of the answers written out clearly for you to see. It should be most of the queries you come across. Justopen your notepad file in a seperate window, and then stack your windows side by side for easy access. Simply copy and paste the link after downloading. This is from my own personal mediafire, and it is just a .txt file so don't worry about viruses or anything, on my honor 0:)


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